• Barometre modülü

The RPPS01A-2 includes a piezo-resistive pressure sensor and an ADC interface. It provides

16 bit word data for pressure and temperature related voltage. With the help of a highly

accurate calibration of the senor, 10 unique coefficients were stored on the chip, thus accurate

pressure and temperature reading can be realized. RPPS01A-2 is a low power, low voltage

device with automatic power down switching. IªC Serial Interface is used for

communications with a microprocessor.

. Pressure Range 300-1100hpa

. 15 Bit Σ−∆ ADC

. 7 coefficients for software compensation

stored on chip

. I²C Serial Interface

. One system clock line (32768Hz)

. One hardware controlled reset line

. Low voltage, low power

DATASHEET :  https://asalelektronik.com/pdf/RPPS01.pdf

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Barometre modülü

  • Ürün Kodu: SSbarometre
  • Stok Durumu: 65
  • 98,77TL

  • Vergiler Hariç: 83,70TL